Poetry by Jeff Green


Things to do.

by cricketjeff on March 23, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

At fifty I suspect that I am halfway through my life
I won’t allow that I am more than that
I’ve got this far, still almost sane, without a lot of strife
I’m starting to go bald and getting fat
But there are many things that I still hope that I can do
To touch the stars, and learn to fly and fall in love with you

The years I’ve lived have made me smile, and some have made me cry
I guess that’s just the way each life must go
I’m proud of all my family, I can be rather shy
I hope I’ve earned the wrinkles that I show
I’ve lots of friends I’m fond of life, there’s so much more to do
To climb the highest mountains and to fall in love with you

I’ve learned about how stars are made. I’ve helped my friends succeed
And on the way invented this and that
I’ve made and lost a company and not succumbed to greed
But never learned to wield a cricket bat
I want to see a thousand sights and find more deeds to do
I’ll dive down to a coral reef and fall in love with you

I’ve read a lot of poetry, but clearly not enough
I’ve watched a lot of cricket when I could
Some things have come quite easily and others things were tough
At some I’m bad and others rather good
I still have got to learn to write, to tell you all I do
Then I must find out who I am, and fall in love with you.