Poetry by Jeff Green


Some ways

by cricketjeff on March 24, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

You tell him that he’s bottom of the queue
Just don’t return his calls and let him stew
Or kiss his mates when he goes to the loo
He’ll take the hint

Forget his name, refer to him as “Steve”
Or write another number on your sleeve
Before he sits you say you have to leave
You brush him off

Explain that you were never meant to be
Or scream about a cage and breaking free
Your diary’s full until it’s January
You’ll get away

You’re in a rut and feel the need to move
You asked your Dad and he does not approve
He’s out of date and don’t know how to groove
Don’t stick to him

A cloudy day and he is like the rain
He wants to walk while you go on the train
And frankly every thought of him’s a pain
So up and go

Just change the locks and only buy one key
Start ogling when he is bound to see
Or buy him books explaining liberty
You’ll find the way

To keep a jerk will make you look a fool
There’s many better fish still in the pool
So take a breath and tell him there’s a rule
He HAS to go!!!

Author notes

Written for a contest that closed just before I posted