Poetry by Jeff Green


All a lady needs

by cricketjeff on March 24, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I looked on your list and I suffered a shock
There’s whisky and dresses and rainbows and more
But you are a lady so where is the rock?
A diamond’s the thing that all girls must adore

I’d mount them in silver or maybe white gold
On bangles or dangles or studs in your ears
Each birthday a new one, before you are old
You’d have a collection to last you for years

A kitten is cutesy but needs lots of care
A tattoo is kinky and personal too
The lilies are lovely but found everywhere
A diamond’s the present I’m choosing for you

Whatever your offered is sure to be nice
But don’t ever settle for not getting ice!

Author notes

If you care about form you could call it an undecasyllabic tetrameter sonnet, or you could call it a poem about a diamond for your birthday

Happy Birthday!