Poetry by Jeff Green


The stars tonight

by cricketjeff on March 27, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The stars tonight were twice as bright as they’ve the right to be,
From every height the glorious sight rained sweet delight on me.
At times like these the gods take ease and bathe in seas of joy,
While lovers squeeze and gently tease, each girl to please her boy.
The Moon’s away so stars make play, their cabaret’s complete.
Until the day we two shall stay and we’ll survey the treat.
Don’t hesitate, the stars dictate that we should state our case
And I’ll not wait ’til hopes deflate to contemplate your face.
Inside your eyes I’ll find my prize and recognise  your love;
While far from lies and gentle sighs we dream through skies above.
I hope you see, the poetry of giving me your kiss –
And I’m now free to simply be cast on a sea of bliss.

Author notes

Sorry the rhymes sort of got carried away there …