Poetry by Jeff Green


Playing with sayings

by cricketjeff on March 28, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The sky today dawned dark and grey,
No sun to play, it’s hid away.
The French would say “l fait Mauvais”,
If this were May it would dismay
But that’s OK it’s March today.

The rain’s at bay but soon it may
Begin to spray its cold display
Some folk may pray or safely stay
Indoors where they won’t wash away

The USA communique
Just says “Nay Nay” “We will not play”
There’s disarray! they plead “No Way”

Their likely prey waits on the quay
By the cafe in old Cathay

So now “Good day” is all I’ll say!

Author notes

A poem that rhymes internally and externally with way right through.