Poetry by Jeff Green


The third ghost

by cricketjeff on April 3, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Old Joe was such a fool, we all could see
The way he looked at Molly round the house
He didn’t hide his feelings from his spouse
Affairs like theirs all end in tragedy
When Mary found them where they should not be
Her husband acted like a frightened mouse
He dropped the girl, behaving like a louse
Left on her own she faced maternity

I tried to be her friend but she was lost
She could not face the thought of motherhood
Without the only love she’d ever known
In time he knew that he must pay the cost
And only Mary never understood
He needed all the love she’d never shown

They live again inside the house he built
And I still wait to offer her my heart
He claimed her then and tore my soul apart
Their suffering the penalty for guilt
When they were caught I saw my Molly wilt
And then I saw the truth of Cupid’s dart
My practice of the jealous suitor’s art
The sword that pierced her chances to the hilt

I told his wife where they would be that day
And so I also haunt this evil stage
I’ll watch their love until the end of time
The highest price a lover has to pay
To know he killed his love in jealous rage
Eternal punishment for passion’s crime