Poetry by Jeff Green


No frowning!

by cricketjeff on April 4, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A train packed with commuters and a dark and dreary sky
A day that starts like others always do
An office filled with workers who don’t stop to question why
Then lunch and send a message off to you
Six million other people buzzing round my ancient town
I’m sure to find a story that will wipe away my frown

The boss is far too snappy he’d much rather be in bed
The sales team sound too happy, which is worse?
The noise of high heeled shoes on wood is filling up my head
Some days a London life can seem a curse
But I’m in love with London it has always been my town
And something in the chaos always wipes away the frown

A walk along the river then an ice-cream by the tower
A statue of a mermaid makes me smile
The guns aboard the Belfast speak of ancient naval power
That hasn’t mattered much for quite a while
There’s half a million tourists taking snaps all round my town
And girls in tiny mini-skirts will take away the frown

A rather seedy cafe serves a lunch that hits the spot
A bacon roll and over sweetened tea
A walk past shops that overflow with things I haven’t got
And then you send a comment back to me
I hop aboard a big red bus to get across the town
And reading what you sent me seems to dissipate my frown

I know a pub in Soho that’s been there four hundred years
We’ll meet there after work to have a chat
A day of office work is not so bad when washed with beers
And bar food that’s designed to make you fat
Though you are half a world away I feel you in my town
And thinking you are there with us will keep away the frown

We’ve tickets for a musical, where Queen songs save the day
And after that a black cab takes me home
This city that I call my home is filled with work and play
No Londoner has any need to roam
One day I’ll come to visit you and look around your town
And bring you back to London, that’s a dream that kills a frown