Poetry by Jeff Green


Explode near Pa (Or the dying terrorist to his bomb)

by cricketjeff on April 4, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’m here to die for righteous cause
Was born to fight this last of wars
You know he made my life so bad
So I must do away with Dad

I hear the call to bomb the fools
Who filled my life with hateful rules
I’ll sing to Mum with my last breath
“You gave me sprouts I give you death!”

And as the world at last recedes
The news will spread of all my deeds
No simple schoolyard shooting this
I’ll blow you all to greater bliss

I’m happy now you all must die
Why should you live and make me cry
O Grave! where is thy Victory?
O Death! where is thy Sting?

Author notes

Alexander Pope

(and I apologise for pinching his last two lines )