Poetry by Jeff Green


In the desert

by cricketjeff on April 6, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In the desert there’s a rose-bed where a single golden bloom
Stands against the harshest climate spreading sunshine into gloom
In the midst of drying scrub-land she stands tall and very proud
She’s alone amidst destruction, not a face amongst the crowd

Many faces rushing past her seem to pause and grow a smile
As the golden rose they witness takes their burdens for a while
And it never seems to matter that her life is harsh and spare
She has beauty for the hopeless and a fund of love to share

Other roses gain a foothold in the ways that she has shown
And before her time to wither she may not be stood alone
If you want an end to deserts and you’re glad when beauty shows
Take your time to watch the splendour that was born a Texas rose.

Author notes

You know who she is