Poetry by Jeff Green


Tory Needs Friends

by cricketjeff on April 7, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

To be a friend to beauty as she strides across hard times
Or fights against the bullies who commit the gravest crimes
Remember that she’s always been a lady you can trust
You can’t forget the way she writes of love and life and lust

No doubt she’ll find another heart to share her heavy load
Each day she wonders what will be the block upon the road
Except on days she cannot wake or doesn’t know her name
Deciding if she has the strength to play another game
She won’t be quitting it too soon, she’s stronger than an ox

For there are things she needs to do, more chocolates in the box
Remarkable in every way a lady all should love
I can’t believe she’ll ever give this life a final shove
Endeavour to discover if you are the one for her
No man or woman can afford this offer to defer
Decide if you are all she needs to keep her on the site
So she will never find excuse to ever cease to write!

Author notes

I am rubbish at acrostics, but Tory loves them so I had to have a go. I am not interested in AP relationships but Tory is a person I love and I am always there as a friend.