Poetry by Jeff Green


Magic Moonbeams

by cricketjeff on April 8, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

On a perfect day in April as the Moon begins to rise
Past the echoes of the sunbeams that still tumble from your eyes
I am swallowed by the feeling that the World belongs to you
And each time you say you love me there is more I need to do

As the gold of sunset merges with the indigo of night
While the stars awake in splashes of their own eternal light
I can feel your gentle breathing as your arms are round my chest
Holding me inside a prison  under permanent arrest

As your fingers find their target and your lips begin to part
I am lost beyond rememb’ring in the beating of my heart
When you first said that you loved me there was such a Moon as this
And she brushed the sky with silver as you won me with your kiss

When you made your first surrender to the slightest of commands
And I learned the way you blossom as I feed you with demands
There were moonbeams filled with magic casting spells you must obey
And you swore you were my servant on the most momentous day

Now we’re locked within the compass of the bright revolving spheres
I am yours each way you want me through the passing of the years
And the stars are now exploding into diamonds overhead
As I lead my bright-eyed lover from the garden into bed