Poetry by Jeff Green


Lost in a dream

by cricketjeff on April 9, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Every colour of the rainbow drips like laughter from your eyes
And I can’t believe their twinkle wasn’t stolen from the skies
You have captured me forever in a soft seductive glance
I’m the snake and you’re the charmer of my deep hypnotic trance
When I sit across the table I can hear the words you say
But my mind is in the whirlpools that have carried me away
In your gaze I read a romance that would surely win the prize
As the colours of the rainbow pour like starlight from your eyes

There’s a softly swirling spectrum in the deepness of the black
In the pools where I would shelter from a vicious shark attack
Where I’d swim to find the reasons that you carried off my heart
Under rocks and shining corals that are missing from the chart
When you tell me that you love me there is nowhere I can hide
From the searching inquisition that is shining from inside
If I ever make a landfall then I know that I’ll turn back
To the sounds that sing the spectrum from the deepness of the black

With kaleidoscopic splendour I see visions in your eyes
And the words I wish to give you fall away to simple sighs
You have taken my resistance and replaced it with a dream
Of a boat filled up with loving on a gently flowing stream
You can tell me of your conquests and your innermost desires
While I sit within your pupils in the warmth of dancing fires
From my oldest recollections I will summon up the cries
Of kaleidoscopes of laughter from the visions in your eyes

Author notes

Prompt by perfectsunset is “Lost in your kaleidoscopic eyes”