Poetry by Jeff Green


Riverbank Romance

by cricketjeff on April 9, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Slowly walking by the river on a summer afternoon,
As the Sun was joined above us by the shy and silver Moon.
With our arms around each other we were eating one ice-cream
In the softly dappled sunshine jointly living in a dream.
With two swans serenely swimming past a weeping willow tree,
I was lost in contemplation and you drew yourself to me,
With the last of the vanilla I stood glued to you like this
And your lips were sips of heaven as you joined me in a kiss.

In a boat we gently paddled to an island with a beach,
Where the mallards stood sunbathing and we shared a single peach.
In the juice our tongues co-mingled and our lips were joined again
As the sunshine soaked our bodies like a burst of summer rain.
Then we walked toward the evening filled with all the tastes of love
As the sunset painted colours on the wisps of clouds above.
There is nowhere I could dream of where I’d rather be tonight
Than beside my only lover as the sun turns out the light.

Author notes

Still polishing this …