Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on April 10, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

As you’re lying in my arms we’re floating gently down the river
Under stars that seem to dance to show the way.
With your head against my face you whisper words to make me shiver
And your lips caress my cheek and want to play.

As we float along the current we are drawn towards the island
Where we’ll spend the night beneath the diamond sky
In the morning we will wake to dawn exploding through the highland
As its silver shards conduct the skylark’s cry

Every dream a lover’s heard is drifting gently on the weather
Just a breeze that rocks the boat beside the beach
And we lie entranced by stars and spending such a night together
Where it seems eternity may be in reach

There is magic in the night that floats across two star-dazed lovers
Gently knots are binding them into one heart
And the touch of midnight air as they cavort without their covers
Is the breeze of happiness about to start

Close your eyes and feel the nighttime flowing out into your senses
It’s the warmth that floats you just above the ground
Finding ways to change your soul and sweep away those old defences
Leaving just the truth of you that I’ve now found.