Poetry by Jeff Green


The beautiful girl

by cricketjeff on April 11, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

As she walks with a smile and a sway of the hips
Past the men on the beach who respond with a sigh
Every day there’s a word left to hang from his lips
He is lost in his love but the vision slips by

She is tall with a tan and a walk like a dance
And her eyes steal the sun as she leaves him in shade
Does she really not know that he’s left in a trance
By the girl that he found in a dream serenade

But how can he tell her he’d give her his life
For a smile just for him and a word of his own
Each night in his sleep she is his as his wife
The morning arrives and he’s there all alone

She walks to the sea through an ocean of sighs
The beautiful girl with the sun in her eyes