Poetry by Jeff Green


Happy days

by cricketjeff on April 11, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Happy days in Littlehampton, hard by Rustington-on-Sea;
Take a stroll to Winkle Island (since the parking isn’t free).
Build your castles on the West beach, at the Norfolk Gardens end,
Then you do some pitch and putting or play tennis with a friend.
Walk the prom down to the funfair, buy some rock or candyfloss,
Box of toffees for your colleagues and a postcard to the boss
(With a joke on little hamptons and a gut that’s much too large)
When you’re lazing by the seaside you can laugh at those in charge.
Fish and chips or bits of chicken, then there’s ice-cream on the pier
While you contemplate the dodgems and the screams of childish fear.
Or you ride the little railway to the boats in Mewsbrook Park,
Then you choose which pub to go to, don’t head home before it’s dark.
Happy days in Littlehampton, that’s in Sussex-by-the-Sea –
On a sunny day in Summer that’s the place you want to be!