Poetry by Jeff Green


Scent of summer

by cricketjeff on April 11, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Summer days out in the garden
Summer nights invite a friend
To the scent that asks for pardon
Driving neighbours round the bend
Summer chat out on the decking
Glass of wine and hear him curse
In the darkness kids are necking
Near the house there’s something worse
Clouds of smoke and lots of swearing
Now the men will congregate
Silly pinnies aren’t for wearing
While the fuel won’t conflagrate
When they shout “bring out the bangers”
Throwing burgers left and right
You are waiting for the clangers
They will drop throughout the night
Eyebrows singed while chops are burning
Windows slamming down the street
All the hateful looks you’re earning
From these people you will meet
Barbecue’s the scent of summer
Onion smoke and paraffin
Dodgy jokes from someone’s brother
Lots of rows no-one can win
Charcoal fires can smell delightful
But that’s not what we can smell
Just admit the food is frightful
This whole game was sent from hell!!!