Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on April 13, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I feel your footfalls walking through my dream
They speak to me in ways I only feel.
When every thought is turned into a scream
Your sanity is all I know as real.

I see your future in the breaking waves
The lonely truths that crawl across my skin.
Are you the light this awful darkness craves,
Have you the strength to help me lift my chin?

I used too many words for you to hear –
A dagger held against a broken heart.
A prophecy is never in the clear
But now’s the time the future has to start.

You cannot be the key to set me free
Until you find a way to speak to me.

Author notes

I hope you don’t think I have fucked with you.


almost everyone knows that Milla Jovovich is an incredibly beautiful super-model, but few know she is an amazing singer, song writer, and … poet

much of my early poetry (never posted on AP, and rarely seen by anyone) and my poetry even now was influenced by the first time i saw this video and heard this song, along with listening to her CD “Divine Comedy”.
i believe her mind, soul, beauty is nothing, but pure poetry.

watch the video and listen to the song “Gentleman Who Fell” and write