Poetry by Jeff Green


Sweet Sixteen

by cricketjeff on April 15, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When you’re sixteen by the seaside there is always after dark,
After days spent with your sister flying kites or in the park.
Then an early evening dinner, fish and chips with all your folks,
While your Dad ignores your Mother and your brother tells you jokes.

Then it’s out to find the movies with the girl from yesterday
But before the film is over you will hope to slip away.
Arm in arm and like an army silent couples gently steer
To the place of lovers refuge that’s beneath the old North Pier.

Sounds of kissing and canoodles, silly giggles and the rest
As a surreptitious finger strokes the tip of just one breast.
Swigs of cider make you bolder and her bra is cast aside;
In the dark beneath the North Pier there’s a roller coaster ride.

Mum and Dad will start to worry if you’re out too late tonight
And the girl you want to conquer knows there isn’t time to fight.
She is saying that she mustn’t as her hands are on your flies,
And her panties find her flipflops as her protests turn to sighs.

As she fiddles with the johnny you are fiddling with her,
Teenage lips are on her nipples, teenage fingers in her fur.
‘Til she’s satisfied she’s dressed you and she signals to proceed
When you cast aside all caution and you steam ahead full speed.

All around you there are scuffles and scream or just a “NO”
And an awful lot of yesses an “Oh GOD” and then you go.
Did you bring her satisfaction, did you get the actions right?
But there’s no need for your panic as she grins “Tomorrow Night!”

Author notes

Go on! Admit it!!!

Language note a johnny or a rubber johnny was the current slang for a condom in the far off days when I was a mere sixteen.