Poetry by Jeff Green


Giving in to Temptation

by cricketjeff on April 18, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Translucently a peach peeks through the cutest cotton cage
A pert and pretty pair of globes are brought to centre stage
Temptation taunts and I respond, a stinging slap or two
You give me sighs and laughing eyes and then rise up on cue

The games we play and your display are prelude to a scene
You knew the score for in amour you are not fresh and green
As redness spreads so does the heat you offer me your charms
And I respond since I am fond of lust within your arms

The cage is gone and we are one the beast has grown two backs
As ancient urges take the place of plainly false attacks
And you and I proceed to fly to realms beyond this bed
For though this started at the rear, the best is in the head