Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on April 18, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Presupposing that the closing of the contest doesn’t beat
Me to writing  some exciting little rhyme that’s nice and neat.
I’ll be hoping there’s no doping of the judge (some poets cheat)
So I’ve chances for advances when the entry list’s complete.

Now I’ve started, open hearted, to compose a little rhyme
I must hurry, even scurry, so it’s finished right on time.
I shall promise, doubting Thomas, so to fail would be a crime
At the pledge end I’ll give Legend something that he finds sublime.

How’m I doing, you’re reviewing, what I’m writing for a mate
Halfway through it don’t poo-poo it, some applause would be just great.
Don’t be horrid if its florrid words and rhymes are all you hate
Please ignore me (or adore me) while I pile it on the plate.

Now we’re wending to the ending have I lost you on the way
All this punning, verbal funning is a game I love to play.
It’s confusing when your using silly words like popinjay
Doesn’t matter that I scatter nonsense verse around all day.

Now I’ve finished I’ve diminished in my disapproving eyes
It’s not saying merely playing nothing here is great or wise
Please enjoy it don’t employ it for debate or otherwise
You all know it, and you’ll show it, this from me was no surprise!!!

Author notes

I am sorry, so so sorry, I really should get my medication increased …