Poetry by Jeff Green


Reflections out of Time

by cricketjeff on April 19, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

My mirror shows reflections out of time
Portraying me as victim of a crime
Instead of handsome beauty in its prime
There’s wrinkles that a steeplejack would climb

I see a view of some far future day
Where inky black has slowly slipped away
The nasty jokes my mirror likes to play
Shows that my hair is turning rather grey

That rounded tum cannot belong to me
I’m careful to maintain vitality
So that the world will never really see
Reflections of undue obesity

It has to be a nasty magic spell
With crude distortions added in as well
It’s not the tale a looking glass should tell
I’m not this far along the road to hell

My mirror has a tendency to lie
It’s showing me another, older, guy
I haven’t seen as many days go by
So looking glass will you please tell me why?