Poetry by Jeff Green


Such a tragedy

by cricketjeff on April 20, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I hope you find my story life enhancing
About a man with elephantine thighs
When Twinkle-Toes O’Donnell started dancing
He chose a partner almost twice his size
The pair of them looked like two horses prancing
The judges simply disbelieved their eyes
But Twinkle-Toes and Daisy didn’t care
They always held their heads up in the air

Each week they danced on Tuesday and on Friday
Rehearsing in between to get it right
They disregarded friends who asked them why they
Would waste their time together every night
Their sights were set on just one special high day
When they would step out dressed in black and white
For Twinkle-Toes and Daisy knew they’d share
The ribbon for the finest dancers there

To cheers all round they twirled like tiny fairies
These hippopotami of terpsichore
The style that wins a contest often varies
And dance like this was never seen before
The second best were dressed like two canaries
Our heroes danced these birdies off the floor
But Twinkle Toes and Daisy weren’t aware
The balcony was unsupported T

Author notes

Three stanzas of Ottava Rima, An old Italian form brought into English a long time ago, it was a favourite of Lord Byron’s amongst others.

The stanzas consist of eight lines of iambic pentameter (for variety an extra syllable is often added to allow for feminine rhymes) with a rhyme scheme of abababcc, each stanza is treated separately, no link in rhyme from one to the next.