Poetry by Jeff Green


If I could hold you near

by cricketjeff on April 21, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When soon my working day is through
And I can walk away from here
My thoughts and dreams will turn to you
To all the tender things you’d do
If I could hold you near

The sun will shine in harmony
With fantasies that I hold dear
While I imagine ecstasy
That would be waiting now for me
If I could hold you near

The leaves will dance in gentle breeze
As homeward paces gently steer
Me past the rows of blossomed trees
Toward what would be perfect ease
If I could hold you near

Then in the garden drinking wine
Beneath a sky that’s blue and clear
I’ll dream of all that would be mine
A life that I would think divine
If I could hold you near

Author notes

On of AP’s finest, eusebius, reminded me aof a form of Robert Frost’s by writing a superb poem in the same form. This is not quite the same form as I have shrunk the final line of each quintain to iambic termeter, but I am sure that’s what put the rhythm in my head.