Poetry by Jeff Green


Undivided love

by cricketjeff on April 22, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

On an island in the ocean there are lovers wrapped as one
Who were joined in their existence when the web of life was spun
There the strength of their emotions come together in a tree
In my dreams I know these lovers by the names of you and me

In the winds across the ocean there our loving spirits grow
As the breath of tender feelings where eternal love songs blow
And I know that all the kisses that I wish you wander free
‘Til they meet above the waters that have sundered you and me

In the sky above this seascape flies the phantom of a dove
Who has wings composed of whispers that will carry all our love
When I’m lost in meditation I am carried to the sea
Where the beauty of the picture is the tale of you and me

Author notes

needs punctuation, it is coming