Poetry by Jeff Green


Holiday Hijinks

by cricketjeff on April 23, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When summer sun sweeps springtime from the sky,
When winter winds have waved the world goodbye,
Some silly souls will sit at home and sigh;
While wiser wights will wink and wonder why.

Be bold and brave the beach my bonny boys,
Where gorgeous girls will giggle at the guys.
Be brash and boast for beauties love a noise
You’ve got to get the girl with greenish eyes!

A drink, a dance a dip right after dark,
It’s naughty in the nude but very nice.
Don’t doubt yourself she’ll do it in the park –
No nervous Nellie, won’t need asking twice!

It’s sun and sand and summer sex you see
The seaside Sues are sure to set you free!

Author notes

A silly Shakespearean sonnet, I hope it’s humorous with a little alliteration.