Poetry by Jeff Green


A love story

by cricketjeff on April 24, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It was raining on the morning that I saw you from my door
Just a fleeting glimpse of heaven that I’ll know for evermore
With a swirling pink umbrella you were laughing as you ran
From the moment that I saw you I have dreamt that I’m your man

There were dewdrops bright as light bulbs on the day I learnt your name
I was putting for a birdie and a shout destroyed my game
You were walking a retriever when I heard the call of Grace
Saw your smile as recognition shone like starlight on your face

Was a breezy day in Autumn on the first time that we spoke
You mistook me for a schoolfriend whom you once kissed for a joke
When I stammered I was sorry you just smiled a “never mind”
So I offered you a coffee and you answered “very kind”

It was dark and full of drizzle on the last day that we kissed
You were heading off to Paris and I mumbled “you’ll be missed”
Then you told me that you loved me and you wouldn’t make me guess
On your first day back in London you would meet me with a “yes”

There was snow on all the pavements when a sparkle caught my eye
In the antique jeweller’s window was the ring I had to buy
They would polish and resize it, keep it old and yet brand new
With two diamonds and a sapphire I would pledge myself to you

Now I’m walking through the weather on a dark December day
For the first time in my lifetime there is nothing I can say
There were headlines in the papers that I saw in all the trains
Said a madman with a shotgun made a hole straight through your brains