Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on April 24, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When we were young your pretty face was all that I could see
        Across the fence that kept our worlds apart
And every day I’d watch you play and wish you’d play with me
        The little boy who’d given you his heart

In teenage years you had your share of boys you thought divine
          And once or twice I dated other girls
But there was no-one else for me, though you were never mine
          I dreamt about your freckles and your curls

Your college days took you away, you studied hard for life
          I wondered if you’d find that special man
I qualified and got a job but never found a wife
          For wedding you was still my only plan

I worked my way toward the top my boss was now your Dad
          Who told me that your married life had failed
I couldn’t smile to find your dreams had turned out rather sad
          But thought that maybe mine weren’t quite derailed

When next we met you smiled at me and talked of long ago
          How you had loved to tease the boy next door
I tried to hide the way I felt but knew you had to know
            With just a touch you’d knock me to the floor

You kissed me, hard, and asked me out, and I could not reply
          Now every dream was falling into place
How can a man be thirty four and still be quite so shy
          That crimson blushes flood across his face?

We’re married now and still in love so nothing much has changed
          You still tease me but now I get to play
Your Dad retired and I’m the boss was my life prearranged?
          I wouldn’t have it any other way!