Poetry by Jeff Green


The Police Search

by cricketjeff on April 28, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

He shouted down the stairs that he was out,
If he was out how could he talk to me?
About his whereabouts there was a doubt,
Was he about to change locality?

I climbed the stairs by two steps at a time
Aware that he may hide himself somewhere.
This slimy man committed dreadful crime
And there was reason I should take great care.

An empty room, not large and quite unkempt.
No criminal we know as “Lightweight Jim” –
Exempt from laws of physics that pre-empt
The slim from disappearing just like him.

Surprise surprise he’d vanished from my eyes;
Unwise I’d merely brought his lotto prize!

Author notes

The challenge is to write a sonnet where the second word or syllable or each line rhymes with the final syllable, but the poem is in other respects a normal sonnet. I hope this meets the mark.