Poetry by Jeff Green


Frank’s Friend

by cricketjeff on April 28, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The life of Ernest Ness was quite a mess
He tried his best but never met the mark
So full of cleverness but nonetheless
He always seemed to blunder in the dark
Redundant but without a single doubt
His job was lost but not the things he knew
At last he gave a shout he’d worked it out
And suddenly his skies were clear and blue     

But industry’s obscene not fresh and green
Still there was one who saw what he was worth
A letter from the Queen said she had seen
His ideas could be used to save the Earth

His earnestness would earn a great reward
She Knighted Ernest Ness with silver sword

Author notes

The prompt was earnestness, only rhyme, have fun. I think I got all three in