Poetry by Jeff Green


A beautiful day goes home from work.

by cricketjeff on April 29, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A beautiful day
changes everything

painted by preschool children
floated lazily
in an ocean of pale blues

blue tits
argued over ownership of grubs
then hurried home
to feed gaping mouths

large lumbering and lazy
an out of scale
Jumbo jet
is photoshopped onto the sky
by the raucous roarings
of a thousand
racing motorbikes
crammed into one small shed

Sunlight glints gold
on thousands of windscreens
brought to an impatient halt
for the Hanger Lane Gyratory systems
to spin them home
where tea and kisses
with washing up and a lawnmower

A beautiful day changes everything
except you
in my mind
you are always

Author notes

When you can’t sleep until you have written it down

this is what happens.