Poetry by Jeff Green


Questions worth asking

by cricketjeff on April 30, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

If I were in the garden and the Moon put on her smile
Would you drop all you were doing and sit silent for a while
Would we gaze into each other and see shooting stars go by
In the garden in the darkness while the Moon smiled in the sky

If I squeezed you in the kitchen would you wriggle to my touch
As you gave the little giggle that you know I love so much
Would you hold me very tightly say you’d never let me free
If I squeezed you in the kitchen would you cuddle up to me

If we passed upon the staircase would you kiss me on the lips
And give sighs that spoke approval of my questing fingertips
Would your eyes be ever open so my soul could swim inside
If I passed you on the staircase would my kisses be denied

When you joined me in the bedroom would you strip where I could see
Would you stand in mute attention hoping you’d see more of me
As we loved each other nightly would you do all that I say
When you joined me in the bedroom at the end of every day

I don’t need to know the answers to the questions that I pose
For deep down inside my dreaming there’s a part of me that knows
That the Moon is always waiting though her lovers are so few
And your answers aren’t what matters all I really want is you