Poetry by Jeff Green


When she fell in love with me

by cricketjeff on May 2, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Her house was on the sea road with a rosebush round the door
Her hallway full of lilies and a goatskin on the floor
Her garden had a swing-seat hanging from an apple tree
Where we sat each night that summer and she fell in love me

Her laughter was as gentle as the lightest August rain
Her smile was like the sunset over rolling green terrain
She held my hand and kissed me and I floated through the sky
‘Til I settled like a snowflake on an island in her eye

We walked around the country through the woods and over hills
Where the birds would sing in chorus of the sorrow of their ills
We saw squirrels and a dormouse lots of deer and just one boar
And each step we trod together I could only love her more

There were streams that sparkled coldly on a plunging mountainside
To a tarn that shone like gold-dust full of fish that tried to hide
There were beaches strewn with people that we almost didn’t see
For there was no use for others when she cuddled close to me

In her house that’s on the sea road with the roses round the door
Full of happiness and lilies with the goatskin on the floor
We have lived a life of loving and we’ve swung beneath that tree
Since that summer night romancing when she fell in love with me

Author notes

Yeah, I wish!!!