Poetry by Jeff Green


The tragedies of youth

by cricketjeff on May 3, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

My younger brother grew and would not stop;
As luck would have it fashion fitted in.
In efforts to be first to hit the top
A “shoes v growing” race would soon begin.

At first a half an inch was all I’d need,
You can’t be overlooked by tender years,
But nothing seemed to dim his dreadful speed
And now an inch could not allay my fears.

It could not last, he simply grew too tall,
I’d look a fool in shoes like Elton John.
I had to grasp the nettle, I was small,
And pulled my normal flat soled shoes back on.

Sometimes in life we’re faced with tragedy
And platform soles were simply not for me!

Author notes

Free write to the prompt “Platforms”

Unobvious enough?

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