Poetry by Jeff Green


Beauty by threes, directors cut.

by cricketjeff on November 4, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Passionately playful three ladies carouse
Each of the three does her best to arouse
Lips seek out pleasure and fingers explore
A collection of beauty that writhes on the floor

Each of the beauties attached at two ends
Pleased by and pleasuring each of her friends
Fingers and tongues hold each girl in the game
And each of these lovelies is built just the same

Nothing disturbs them, they’re set for the night
All that they touch has a feeling so right
They each reach their peaks and start climbing again
Three lovely flowers is a sweet daisy chain

Whispered seduction to lips down below
Movement of tongues is the way that they know
The words that were said in the intimate kiss
That is offered so freely from Miss onto Miss

Fingers and tongues push each girl to the height
Releasing their passions as soon as they might
Nothing reduces the work they put in
So each of their partners’ own joy can begin

Each orgasm melts into pleasure for others
This band of sisters has no need of brothers
The passion they’ve made they together will keep
Until at last exhausted each drops off to sleep

Author notes

I am cricketjeff and well over 16!

Option 2 a threesome, I leave it to the reader to put names to the faces…

This is an extended version of the original which was just the first quatrain of this piece. I responded to various comments with extensions and these are now collected together. I think I shall rework it some time as it is somewhat variable at the moment.