Poetry by Jeff Green


Lord Peter

by cricketjeff on May 3, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

He seemed to drift with whimsy on the wind
But under foppish shows he hid his wit.
When blame for crime was incorrectly pinned
He found the way to make the pieces fit.

A Balliol man, a history double first,
A soldier and a diplomat besides
But more important was a raging thirst
For finding truth where’er that lady hides.

Despite shell shock his spine seemed made of steel,
He found his match, a writer, Harriet Vane.
So nearly hanged for death she did not deal;
The hangman’s loss was Peter Wimsey’s gain.

The second war his nephew’s final show
So he was Duke of Denver “dontcha know!”

Author notes

Shakepearean sonnet on Lord Peter Wimsey, from the Dorothy L Sayers series of detective stories.