Poetry by Jeff Green


What to cook? An Aussie for supper …

by cricketjeff on May 4, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Just throw another cobber on the barbie –
He’s done as soon as he turns crisp and brown.
He’ll taste quite like the winner of the Derby,
You’ll need a lot of beer to wash him down.

But first of all you have to catch your Aussie
So set a trap filled up with Vegemite
You’d better stay well hidden though because he
Is certain to put up a vicious fight

It’s no good just a tapping on his noggin
An Aussie’s head is hard as any stone
So get a sack that has a heavy log in
And bash him till the blighter doesn’t moan

No need to skin and bone your coming dinner
You’ll find his clothes will keep the flavour in
And if you aren’t too much of a beginner
You’ll find the Aussie well worth savourin’

I hope you find this poetry is useful
And hope you have some friends in for the feast
Before you serve just make sure they’re all juiceful
They won’t complain about things in the least

In truth I must admit I’ve never cooked one
In Earls Court there are many on the shelf
The restaurants will serve them if you’ve booked one
I’ve never found the urge to try myself!!!

Author notes

It is just possible I have misinterpreted this contest …

We pronounce “The Derby” as “The Darby” not “The Durby”