Poetry by Jeff Green


For Estian (A friend’s new baby boy)

by cricketjeff on May 5, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

No question that Estian’s a bundle of joy
Chiané’s so pretty she wanted a boy
So what if he wakes Mum all night and all day
It’s Estian’s suggestion that Mum’s are for play

It’s just indigestion when Estian has wind
So what if their sleep time just has to be binned
Chiané’s new brother is Mum and Dad’s son
To pay for the trouble there’s plenty of fun

Chiané and Estian so now there’s a set
And once he’d arrived was too late for regret
Don’t tear all your hair out and don’t start to weep
When they both reach twenty you parents can sleep!

Author notes

My friend Andia has a new son, I promised a poem for him.