Poetry by Jeff Green


In her dreams

by cricketjeff on May 6, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In her dreams he’s by her side for all to see
She can feel his fingers teasing through her mind
She has laid out all her treasures so he’ll find
That she’s there surrendering her liberty

As the sunlight paints its passion on her skin
Little smiles erupt like daisies on the lawn
As she gambols in his daydreams like a fawn
A dappled beauty who knows life will soon begin

Half aware the artist’s eyes are sure to know
Every stroke will show her innermost desires
But the knowledge only stokes the secret fires
So the window light is not the only glow

When the artists smiles and lays aside the board
She has dreams as well as art as her reward

Author notes

well it’s a sort-of-a sonnet.

I found this very difficult, the drawing seems complete, what can I add?