Poetry by Jeff Green


The Far Side

by cricketjeff on May 7, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Reflected light is perfect for this scene
And Molly paints her face in readiness.
For action at that home of fine cuisine,
The Burger King, a date with Eddie Cress.

He’s always been our Molly’s perfect bloke,
Though six foot six he only weighs ten stone.
Their love affair may seem a sort of joke
But in this life we each must find our own.

She preens herself, the mirror cannot lie,
She knows why Eddie had to fall for her.
One attribute attracted Eddie’s eye,
He’s always been a keen astronomer.

I know you’ll see the answer very soon
If you look up you’ll see a fine full Moon!!!

Author notes

(For our Trans Atlantic chums a stone is fourteen pounds)