Poetry by Jeff Green


The Goddess

by cricketjeff on May 10, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She put on a new bikini, made of sunshine, stamps and string.
        With a smile that said “hello boys, look at me!”
Her blonde hair, tucked in a sunhat, wasn’t hiding anything,
        She’s a girl from Ipanema on a spree
Every day he saw her passing and he sighed a deeper sigh,
        As the goddess of his daydreams walked on by.

She would laugh with volleyballers who hung fire to let her through
        Trampoliners lost the rhythms of the bounce
Took an ice-cream from the vendor when he popped up right on cue
        But he knew she hadn’t gained a single ounce
Every day she sashayed past him and she didn’t see him sigh
        Just a goddess in a daydream walking by

She pushed off a young Adonis with a giggle and a grin
        Wasn’t swayed by Mr Muscles in a pose
Blew some kisses at a swimmer she distracted diving in
        As he tried to clear the water from his nose
Everyday he watched her antics uncontented with a sigh
        While the goddess from his daydreams passed him by

In the aircraft flying homeward she sits smiling at the clouds,
        Drinking vodka topped with brandy, duty free.
Dreaming dreams of all the heartbreaks she provoked amongst the crowds
        Of the foolish hopeful men who came to see.
While he contemplates the memories of the weeks that just past by,
        And the goddess that he married gives a sigh.