Poetry by Jeff Green


Bring on the rain!

by cricketjeff on May 10, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The drizzling clouds of dirty grey
Bring many poets tears of pain
They pine to find a sunny day
I love the rain

The thick black dust that coats the roads
Is washed into each handy drain
And city ponds for frogs and toads
Are filled by rain

In summer heat oppresses so
And though it goes against the grain
When clouds roll in to spoil the show
I’ll praise the rain

Where blackberries grow wild and free
There is a boon we all can gain
But they won’t fruit abundantly
Without the rain

In years of drought the countryside
Appears as just a dusty stain
And not the greens of which we’re proud
So dance for rain

It’s true I love to bask in sun
See half clad girls who entertain
But I can find a lot of fun
Out in the rain

So I must sing this hymn of praise
And when it’s done I’ll start again
I’m waiting for some dreary days
Bring on the rain!!!

Author notes

A Sapphic Ode (in the style used by Alexander Pope) in praise of rain.