Poetry by Jeff Green


Bargain offer

by cricketjeff on May 10, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It seems this year they got a bumper crop
At the nursery where ladies liked to shop
It’s not a spot where men would often stop
I wonder why!

The price they said was something of a snip
They sold it with this very special tip
To let it grow before you start to clip
I’ll start to cry!

The manager said they were undermanned
This wasn’t quite the offer he had planned
But he was much too scared to take a “stand”
We all know why!

There was a scary lady on the till
With secateurs quite handy on the sill
I saw them both and I was feeling ill!
I had to cry!

In time it seems the offer was explained
It wasn’t gender issues getting strained
The men on staff had not been harshly pained
Poor spelling’s why!

Author notes