Poetry by Jeff Green


Changeable weather

by cricketjeff on May 12, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When I walked to work this morning, under cold grey leaden skies,
All the joyful thoughts of summer seemed to disappear in sighs
But as lunchtime came to settle all the clouds had disappeared
And the prospects of tomorrow weren’t as black as I had feared.

So I dusted off my daydreams and you joined me for a walk;
To a seat beside a playground, where we sat ourselves to talk.
When the Sun came down to join us, and the sparrows fought for crumbs,
We were lost to mundane mornings, filled with keyboards played like drums.

There was nothing on the breezes that were blowing in the park
That could spoil the subtle teases of two friends out for a lark.
But the time the day allows us isn’t noted for its length;
Soon the spectres of the office came along in double strength.

Now I’m back at my computer, writing scripts and checking pings,
Wishing life made more allowance for the more important things,
Such as sitting on a bench and dreaming you were next to me –
In a little park in London making love and poetry.