Poetry by Jeff Green


St Tony!

by cricketjeff on May 14, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Though Tony Blair could never lie,
It sometimes looked that way.
It wasn’t what he says that counts
But what he meant to say.
So if he sometimes said some things
That turned out not quite right
It wasn’t true dishonesty
But just an oversight.

So sexing up a dossier
He simply did not do
He merely wrote down what he thought
The pixies told him to.
His promise to a colleague
That he could take his place
Was never ever meant to mean
He’d go with any grace.

When he once said his followers
Were pure as driven snow
He meant the snow was driven through
The mud from far below.
And sticking to all his principles
Was easy for a Blair
Because his sacred principles
Were written on thin air.

He lead a party of the left
Which made it rather odd
That he would treat his friend George Bush
As something close to god.
Sweet Cherie Booth (his loving wife)
Could tell him he was right
She garnered all the detailed facts
From her horoscope each night!

For him it never mattered it
If he did the country good
As long as all his countrymen
Did what he said they should.
The other thing that worried him
And spoiled his blissful state
Was that we Brits may tell the world
His tenure wasn’t great!

But he had shields against this thought
A sort of fate insurance
He never showed much competence
But mastered great endurance
He stayed in office long enough
To make his mark in town
He had to look a great between
John Major and Gordon Brown!

Author notes

Written at around the time of Tony Blair’s departure from office. And brought to mind by the site of Gordon Brown looking foolish on TV.