Poetry by Jeff Green


Passion’s page

by cricketjeff on May 14, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

If you want to read the hottest poetry
From the hottest poet you could ever see
Then get off your butt and follow after me
To Passion’s page

She can raise the heat in oh so many ways
She has truly got the talent to amaze
But beware you won’t cool down for many days
From Passion’s page

She collaborates in ways you won’t believe
With results no other poets can achieve
She may have you screaming for a late reprieve
That’s Passion’s page

Now take your time and settle for the night
It is time to find some sensual delight
And some is rather more than that, all right?
On Passion’s page

Not every verse she writes is meant to scorch
She writes some verse you’d read out on your porch
For many causes she will bear a torch
That’s Passion’s page

Stop reading this and head of to her page
Then you will have some reading you can guage
But you best be sure that you are over age!
For Passion’s page!!!