Poetry by Jeff Green


A typical day in France

by cricketjeff on May 15, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Who could have known, collectively
How powerful the dream would be
As each sat silent in the sun
Their brains constructing thoughts of fun
Who could have known that would create
Such beauty in the naked state

Who could have known that three like minds
Each filled with breasts and pert behinds
Could conjure up a perfect sight
To fill the dreamers with delight
Who could have sensed the lady’s game
As she appeared devoid of shame

Who could imagine how this tale
Will play out in exact detail
Could she decide to entertain
The lustful men whose trousers strain
Who can believe her ecstasy
Would be expressed towards these three

I can’t imagine but I know
Her aim was just to make a show
She’s not a dream made physical
Although that thought is lyrical
Imagine this in your mind’s eye
This cheeky miss will walk on by …