Poetry by Jeff Green


The walker’s tale

by cricketjeff on May 15, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I wonder why they’re making such a fuss!
I’m only standing waiting for the bus,
I couldn’t think of anything to wear;
That’s why I’m bare.

Apparently some people think it rude,
The way that I am waiting in the nude
But rude would be me sitting on the lap,
Of some old chap.

A lady grabbed her husband by the hand
And told him that to talk to me was banned;
To ban a little chat was quite amiss
But not a kiss!

The bus arrives so I am off to town,
The men all smile but ladies sometimes frown,
Though one of them has got her eye on me
And I can see.

We’re off the bus and she is over there,
I walk across and see if she will share
The fun I’m having strolling round this way;
She says OK.

Now two of us are naked in the street,
So many folk are happy for their treat,
They see my arm is slipping round her waist
I want a taste …

Another bus, we’re heading to her home.
It’s been a lot of fun to have a roam
But now it’s time this went on privately,
Just her and me.

The things a girl must do so she can score,
The prices she must pay to win amour,
Tomorrow I may dress, you never know,
Nude’s nicer though …