Poetry by Jeff Green


Looking out my window

by cricketjeff on May 15, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’s a palm tree near the pear tree just a garden in between
And a conifer that’s yellow interrupts the flood of green
There’s clematis and azaleas and flowers I don’t know
Such variety these gardens put on show

We’ve a shed and they’ve a prayer house then another shed or two
Then a greenhouse and some fencing can’t conspire to spoil the view
Further left, on the allotments, there are rows and rows of canes
And a man is digging deep with aches and pains

There’s a sparrow on the flatroof that has sprouted from next door
And he’s singing his defiance at about a dozen more
Who are fighting for the birdseed that we put for them to share
There are things I want to look at everywhere

Now a squirrel chased by magpies has a run along the fence
While the blackbird sings his greeting looking rather too intense
And the guinea pigs are grazing unconcerned about the cat
Who is wishing that their run had fallen flat

There’s another row of houses hidden by a lot of trees
And the leaves are making patterns as they’re dancing in the breeze
So I’ll stop this silly musing and I’ll finish getting dressed
Leave it to another day to write the rest