Poetry by Jeff Green


Banoffee Pie

by cricketjeff on May 18, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Now I don’t like Monday mornings when there’s far too much to do
And I’m stuck inside an office that is much too far from you
And my train was late this morning that’s a bad start to the day
But banoffee pie makes everything OK

There are phonecalls wanting favours and a colleague wants to chat
The news is full of nonsense and we’ve had too much of that
Outside there isn’t sunshine it’s a dark and gloomy day
But banoffee pie makes everything OK

I have written half a sonnet but the couplet will not come
Then somebody brought a cake in but they didn’t give me some
And the rain’s upset the cricket it’s a rather showery day
But banoffee pie makes everything OK

When it’s time for home I’ll brighten and I’ll find the words to write
And I’ll hope that we’ll get talking so I’ll sleep with smiles tonight
Looking back I’ll be quite happy that today was a good day
Since banoffee pie’s made everything OK!

Author notes

OK the train wasn’t actually late and there are bright intervals in the gloom and we’re going to win the cricket despite the rain!

But the rest of it, especially the banoffee pie is true